Inspire Magazine – First Mixer

Recently Nside Coastal Bend Magazine switched to Inspire Coastal Bend Magazine. To celebrate and in keeping with the previous 5 years of monthly themes, publisher Adrian Garza organized and held a monthly mixer honoring local business professionals and individuals from the medical community. In the June 2014 edition Dr. Ben Vela was featured and celebrated. The event took place at the La Palmera Mall on SPID on June 26th. Several prominent folks from the repeat audience were in attendance to assist in the spirit of coming together and at the same time supporting a worthy cause within the community. The gathering also witnessed the introduction of many new faces. Many of which showed great interest in the venue but also the upcoming events that are publicized via regularly. If you missed out be sure to check us out and schedule networking into your routine monthly, weekly, or daily. Never the same page twice. Only your support makes the community strong. If not you, it will be your competitors. For more info on Inspire Coastal Bend Magazine, click the link here.