YBP on “The Blue Ghost”

YBP of the Coastal Bend hosted on June 18th aboard ‘The Blue Ghost’ USS Lexington, the second round in their Speaker Series, featuring Jason French from Cheniere Energy. Mr. French gave the attendees a powerful overview of the company, including the history as it is in the global economy and their plans for the Texas Coastal Bend. As well their direct outlook for jobs in the Gregory/Portland part of the region. They are definitely not excluding the possibilities for all the housing and wealth in any given market locally. Anyone interested should read further, for more details please visit http://www.cheniere.com/community/education.shtml. Be sure to also mark your calendar for the next exciting event from our great friends at YBP of the Coastal Bend (http://ybp.tamucc.edu/) or check out our updates on CC247.net.